Ardens Gay?

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Ardens Gay? Empty Ardens Gay?

Post  Ariyana on Mon 26 Jul - 4:09:41

why ppl think ardens are gay?
i disagree Sad Shocked

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Ardens Gay? Empty arden

Post  Shainian on Mon 26 Jul - 22:55:32

like this he looks but dont worry ,important its what u think and how u like it
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Ardens Gay? Empty male or female

Post  Guest on Tue 27 Jul - 20:18:02

if i want 2 know this arden a female or male i will click on the char and go up on his/her icon right click then info then i will see the gear for female or male !!!!!!!!!!!!now i know ariyana u are female ohh sorry male (joking ppl) albino

Note:(im worry about this faction (arden) from balos faction if balo know its Danger for arden)


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Ardens Gay? Empty Re: Ardens Gay?

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