Balo 135 esper -Ruthlen Sword

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Balo 135 esper -Ruthlen Sword Empty Balo 135 esper -Ruthlen Sword

Post  Guest on Tue 17 Aug - 3:45:13

Hi Balos
Ijust want to tell you about Balo and espers i advice you to use ,cause i been truh Chi Bottle,Lvl 75 Balo esper ,lvl 105 Balo esper ,Golden Ground,Dragon Crown,Anan's Secret,Lunar Brooch,Dragon Mark,Death Wand and finaly Ruthlen Sword (135 balo esper) .
Anyway if you want good pve best esper are Balo lvl 75 esper and balo 135 esper :
Look why :
Balo lvl 75 esper , hit 2 times that means 2 times your ap + the ap given by the esper (and i think its awsome)
Balo lvl 135 esper[i] : this is a beauty.. :
Balo 135 esper -Ruthlen Sword Depart10

It hits 3 times whit a extra crit rate included..

You can use the esper skill also in pvp cause 1: its 3 hits so does more dmg .
2: remove charge you can jump after your oponent in war very fast.
3 May cast slow on enemys and give you extra speed.

anyway the pic talk for itself...look closely.. and enjoy cause i'm ^_^


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