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Fort Cloudstorm

Fort Cloudstorm required teamwork from start

* In order to be eligible for entry, the Alliance in question must be at least LV4.
* The Alliance must have been in existence for at least seven (7) days.
* Obtain Siege Invitations from Celestial Agents, which can be found at in the Southern Border at The One Mountain, in Kunlun Mountains at the Mountain Lake, and in Shura at the Djinn Palace in Realm 9 only.
o These will appear as a red dot (Boss Monster) on the Mini-Map and they spawm once at 36 hours

* Once three (3) Siege Invitations have been acquired, they may be exchanged for one (1) Siege Order from the Elder of Mystery at the Immortal’s Outlook in Sunstream City.
o In addition to a fee, these allow the Alliance Marshal to Sign Up for a Siege at the Fort Siege Deputy in Sunstream City—possessing more Siege Orders and paying a higher entry fee will allow the Alliance to participate in the Siege for a greater amount of time.

* When the time comes that the registering Alliance is able to enter, members of the Alliance may do so by speaking with the Fort Teleporter.
* The Attacker Alliance must complete certain objectives in order to make the Fort vulnerable to attack.
* Successfully besieging the Fort will allow that Alliance to occupy it.
o Certain quests and features, as well as rewards (titles, items, etc.), are available only to Alliances which are in command of the Fort.

* At this point, the Attacker becomes the Defender, and any subsequent Alliance attacks must be defended against by that Alliance, or lose control of it.
* While occupied, the Alliance name appears (via area entry text prompt which is displayed in the center of the screen) upon entry of every Safe Zone.
* A Support Alliance may join the battle as well; this may help turn the tide for or against the other Alliances.

Once you have the Fort, the Alliance Marshal can speak to the Cloudstorm Crafter to commission their statue.


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