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Skysong General Info

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Skysong is another of the main factions standing for Good. They closely follow the teachings of their Buddhist order, focusing on self-growth and peaceful interactions with the rest of the world. Their teachings allow them to harness the power of their mantras to heal and aid in combat.

A Skysong Follower is unassuming, but powerful in battle. They are the only Faction with the innate ability to heal, and can aid with other status buffs and skills. However, their physical prowess is diminished.


Skysong Skill Demonstration (<-- click me )


-Ranged Combat
-Healing Ability/High Survivability
-Multiple Strong Buffs
-High HP (End-Game)
-Medium/High Defense
-High Resistances
-(Mass) Sleep Ability


-Low HP (early Game)
-Low Damage/No Spike Damage
-Not many (powerful) attacking Skills
-weak in PvP before Tier 5 ('Latebloomers')


The Skysong faction is, almost like the Jadeon, an easy faction to begin with because their high defense and self-buffing skills as well as their range make them formidable money farmers.
Because of their focus on buffing/healing skills their arsenal of (strong) attacking skills is very little and they do not reach their full potential until the very last tier. Like most Healing Classes Skysongs are late-bloomers meaning they are weak in early and mid-game but strong in the end.

The strength of a Skysong comes from its high HP in endgame, their high resistances and their ability to control big groups of enemies with their Sleep-AOE. Also their Abilitys to recover large amounts of HP in short them grants them a high survivability and their range allows them to fight enemies before they can reach them.

Nevertheless Skysongs have problems against other classes - especially in the beginning due to their low HP and low damaging ATK-Skills. Also most of their Attacking skills have a long CD what does not allow them to attack constantly or spam skills. The main problem members of the Skysong Faction face is that they cant deal superior or high spike damage to their opponents what makes it hard for them to take down enemies.


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